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Choose from the types of accessories

You can see the Hotaru beads accessories by type.

All are Studio WAZA original designs.

* You can purchase them at major online malls. >

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okinawa hair stick

Hair Stick


By using a hotaru glass bead for a hairpin, you can carry its powerful and dignified atmosphere throughout your body.

Hair stick is an accessory that people can easily see.

It is also the most prominent accessory from behind.

I make a wide variety of designs.  Those for all seasons, those used for seasonal events, and those that can be used as bookmarks and kimono decorations.

Many people were pleased with my hair sticks and I often won first prize in the Rakuten market ranking.

I also design fork design hairpins.

ryukyu hair accessory
hotaru glass hair pin
clip earrings



Earrings using 12mm size hotaru beads create a strong presence. Round shape gives a soft atmosphere.

Sterling silver hooks or 14KGF (14k gold filled) hooks.

Many men purchase this as a gift.  All designs can be switched to clip earrings.

hotaru glass earrings
glass pendant necklace



Luxurious pendants using large hotaru beads of 16mm or more.
These designs can only be purchased at Studio Waza, combining Swarovski crystals and Japanese cotton pearls.

I recommend the trendy "swaying" pendant. There are also pendants using soft cords instead of chains.

okinawa necklace pendant
okinawa glass necklace



The 18mm and 20mm large midnight blue beads and emenald green beads necklaces are masterpieces.  Luxurious shine is perfect as a gift for someone special or for when you feel dressing up fancy.

A wire necklace with a 16mm hotaru bead is light and comfortable is suitable for many ocasions including business situations.

hotaru-glass necklace choker
bracelet firefly beads



"I can't help but look at my wrist often since it's so pretty."​, my customers say.

I make formal glass jewelry style, light and cute style, surfer style casual style, etc.​

​If you love ocean resorts, you should definitely wear hotaru beads bracelet.

blue glass bracelets
okinawa bookmark

Traditional items / Charms


Traditional accessories using hotaru beads are rare because such few people make them. You can wear it regardless of gender. Kimono and jacket decorations are nice accessories that can be used in pairs.

If you hang these charms to mobile phones or use it as Kimono belt decoration, you will feel so fashionable.

japanese charms
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