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Hotaru Glass Hair Sticks

Hotaru Glass Hair Stick

The most popular and sophisticated hair stick

​Decorated with hanging faceted glass beads

​5 colors

Ryukyu Hair Stick

Ryukyu Style Hair Stick

Ryukyu style hair stick using Czech beads and Osaka cotton pearls.
​Recommended for when your hair bun position is high. 

​5 colors

Hotaru Glass Simple Hair Stick

Classic Hair Stick

The hotaru glass bead is secured to the hair stick.
Swarovski crystals on the top as accent.
This clean look is suitable for work occasions.

​2 colors

Short Hair Rod Okinawa gift

Okinawa Plum Blossom Hair Rod

Classic looking hair rod using a plum flower czech bead and Osaka Cotton pearls.
12.5cm short rod type which also can be used by children.

​5 colors

Wooden Hair Stick Ryukyu Style

Wooden Ryukyu Kanzashi Long

​The only wood type hair stick.
Luxurious look using "glow in the dark" hotaru glass and Swarovski crystals.
Recommended for when you need to put together very long hair or wig hair.

​2 colors

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