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okinawa earrings 14KGF Swarovski

Hotaru Glass and Swarovski Earrings

Well balanced sleek look
14K Gold Filled Hooks
5 colors

ishigaki earrings souvenir

Classic Earrings

Traditional look
14KGF Hooks
5 colors

hotaru glass gold filled earrings marquise

Marquise Hook Earrings

Stylish and luxury look
14K Gold Filled
5 colors

hotaru dama flower earrings

Hotaru Glass and Czech Flower beads

Fusion of Japanese and European
5 colors

maple earrings hotaru glass beads

Hotaru Glass 14KGF Earrings

K18GP Maple Charm
European look
5 colors

hotaru glass drop earrings

Hotaru glass and Czech beads Earrings

Swinging Oval Europial beads
5 colors

hotaru glass gold fish earrings

Hotaru glass and Goldfish Earrings

Fun Earrings with Swinging Goldfish
Must Iem for Summer and Fall Events
5 colors

glass charm earrings okinawa sccessory

Hotaru Glass and Charm Earrings

Faceted Glass Charms
Rich and Elegant look
5 colors

okinawa butterfly earrings Ryukyu hotal

Hotaru glass and Butterfly Earrings

Swallowtail Butterfly Charms
14K Gold Filled
Sophisticated Metal Parts
5 colors

okinawa star fish earrings hotaru ishi

Hotaru Glass and Starfish Earrings

Cute Starfish Charms
Perfect for summer and beach vocation
5 colors

hotaru glass plum beads earrings

Hotaru Glass and Plum Earrings

Japanese look Czech beads
Japanese and European Fusion
5 colors

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