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Hair Pin with Swaying Swarovski

Ryukyu Kanzashi lamp work beads

Swarovski beads
Okinawa Hair pin with Swarovski

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Item spec:

Length 10cm (decoration approx. 4.5cm) / Bead diameter approx. 12mm / Total weight approx. 6g


Hotaru Glass / hairpin (alloy, gold color) / Swarovski crystal glass / accessory parts

Common names:

Hotaru ishi (firefly ball) hotaru dama hotal glass gurasu garasu tonbo dama(natural fluorite stones are not materials)

Hotaru Glass beads are popular as a souvenir from Okinawa along with Ryukyu glass. They are the same as the Tonbo glass beads made by Takashi Hirose, and are artisan glass crafts.  Glass is melted with a burner using skillful techniques to create beautiful beads with many layers. The method of making is called burner work or lamp work.  Venetian glass beads are made in the same way.  The feature is that silver leaves are put in the beads during firing, so they reflect light and sparkle.

It is a small and cute hairpin.  Since it's smaller than regular kanzashi, mother and daughter can share it.  Just use this on your up-hairstyle and it will give you a very elegant atmosphere.

This is designed for adults, but children can use it for special events.  It's nice to give this as a gift to a child with the wish, "Please use it even when you grow up to be a beautiful lady."  It's useful when you want to use more than two hair sticks, or when you don't need a large hair decoration.

- Midnight Blue

The most popular color.  People think of this one when they hear the name "Hotaru Glass".  The deep blue color reminds people of the tropical ocean. The perfect color for memories of the seaside holidays.

- Pink
A cute and gentle color like cherry blossoms or peach petals.

- Emerald Green
A rich color like tide pools in Okinawa.
- Sky blue
A cool color like a clear sky or cold shaved ice.

- Yellow Gold

A strong bright color like a sunflower which gives us positive energy.

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Recommended for people:

- who like beaches and remote islands.
- who want to feel like they are on a tropical vacation.
- who want to share their memories of the sea with others.
- who couldn't find good souvenirs at a beach resort.
- who want to give cool Japanese gifts to non-Japanese.

Why are Studio Waza accessories so popular?

- High-quality craft and you get to know the face of the artist.

- Lamp work beads are timeless and never get old in fashion trends.
- Luxurious and calm look.  Can be worn for both casual and formal situations.
- 30% of the buyers are men.  Men love women with traditional jewelry.
- Perfect gifts for your beloved ones.  It will be a nice surprise when they know you took the time to look for something special.


Since these beads are handmade, the patterns and sizes are unique.  Most metal parts used are from Kiwa Seisakujo and Parts Club, major jewelry material suppliers in Japan.

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