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Welcome to the Studio WAZA Official Blog by Takashi Hirose, the jewelry designer.

This is the memorable first post!

Some of you may have already purchased my works from my Rakuten Ichiba or Yahoo! Shopping shop. Thank you for your support!

If you are looking at my works for the first time on this site, thank you for visiting.

Studio WAZA designer Takashi Hirose

My name is Takashi Hirose, a lamp work glass artist who makes Tombo-dama glass beads accessories in Osaka.

I have been making glass beads for over 15 years. Originally I was a full time ceramic artist in America. After returning to Japan, I changed my medium from clay to glass.

Why does an Osaka craftsman make Okinawa Hotaru glass beads accessories? You may wonder.

The reason is very simple: I love Okinawa (especially remote islands).

I wanted to make Okinawa a part of my life, not just traveling. I feel I need to convey the charm of Okinawa to everyone, and I will be very happy if I could help the people of Okinawa.

With this kind of motivation, I launched this Okinawa Hotaru glass website and blog.

In addition to introducing jewelry using Hotaru glass beads, I would like to introduce hidden spots and photos of Okinawa from where I traveled.

I will continue to do my best. I hope you enjoy my works and blog articles.

For the time being, I will introduce just a few of the photos that I took in various parts of Okinawa. I would be happy if you could feel the tropical island atmosphere even a little. I will post introductions and photos of each area on my blog.

*If you know 5 or more of the scenery, you are quite an expert on remote islands in Okinawa.

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