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New items: Hotaru Glass 14KGF earrings with Butterfly, Goldfish, Maple leaf charms.

Introducing new hotaru glass earrings.

Introducing 3 new earrings at once. Detailed gorgeous charms swing from the Hotaru beads. Recommended season for each style varies. 14K gold-filled earring hooks which are less likely to cause metal allergies.

1. Hotaru glass and Butterfly Earrings

Do you know the butterfly called "Ogomadara"? It's a large swallowtail butterfly which has been selected as the butterfly of Okinawa. They live all over Okinawa islands, and I was able to meet many of them on Yubu Island.

Ogomadara is known as the "tropical lady butterfly". When I was there, they were very friendly and perched on my arms. I've been looking for a butterfly charm which is perfect for Hotaru glass beads, and I finally found it!

Recommended seasons are spring and summer for these earrings. Even in autumn and winter, these are perfect when you visit a botanical garden.

2. Hotaru glass and Goldfish Earrings

Goldfish is one of the eternal themes of girls. I was so excited when I found this cute but fashionable goldfish charm.

When you think of goldfish, many of you may imagine stalls at summer festivals. If you choose hotaru glass which matches the color of your Yukata or Kimono for a summer event or fireworks, you will definitely feel great.

Recommended seasons for these earrings are summer and autumn. Even in winter and spring, it will be cool to wear this when visiting an aquarium!

3. Hotaru Glass and Maple leaf Earrings

Gorgeous 18KGP maple leaf charms. The closer you look, the more you will be fascinated by the intricate

These earrings goes well with autumn trees and winter holiday illuminations. Recommended for mature women who love simple fashion. These earrings are recommended for autumn and winter.

Unusual for Takashi's work, it has a European feel to it. Probably because maple trees are often used as roadside trees in European countries.

You can purchase from the link to the online shop below.

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