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New item: Hotaru Glass Hair Stick Single Rod. Clean look with Swarovski crystals.

Announcement of a new Hotaru glass hair Stick.

A clean style in which a large hotaru bead is directly attached to the hair stick. Minimum but efficient small decorations on the top using Swarovski crystal beads.

Midnight Blue Hotaru Glass

Perfect for women who like hair sticks but don't need hanging decorations. This style became popular because ladies who wear Japanese traditional outfits desire something simple but beautiful.

Glow in the dark type 16mm bead. Hair stick length is 14.5cm which is standard in Japan.

The meaning of the blue Hotaru glass is to ward off evil spirits and calm the mind.

Pink Hotaru Glass

Generally, the typical style for glass bead hair sticks is to use a thick stick with a screw head. They tend to be heavy due to the structure. I adjusted the bead hole size to match with the thin rod to achieve a slim and light hair stick.

Glow in the dark type 16mm bead.

The meaning of pink Hotaru glass is purification and affection.

One bead hair stick which is recommended for half-up hairstyles and when you use more than one hair decoration.

You can purchase from the link to the online shop below.



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