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Ishigaki Secret Beach Review and Photos


24°33'00.1"N 124°17'34.3"E

This beach is located in northern Ishigaki Island, near Ishigaki Island Sunset Beach and Hirakubo Beach. You can find the exact location by searching for the latitude and longitude of the location on GoogleMap.

On this beach, you can enjoy the unexplored feeling of being uninhabited. It may be better not to swim or snorkel, as there are not many people. If for some reason you need someone else's help, there is no one around.

Ishigaki island's hidden beach

The beautiful sandy beach and the intricate rocky coastline are full of hidden places with unexplored feelings.

Recommended beaches in northern Ishigaki Island

At low tide, it becomes like a shallow tidal flat. Occasionally, local people are fishing (picking?) for something.

Ishigaki island hermit crab footprints

What are the many streaks that remain on the beach? Actually, they are footprints of hermit crabs.

Hermit crabs of various sizes live in large numbers on the Yaeyama Islands. Large ones are about the size of an adult's fist. When I first saw the big ones, I was surprised thinking, "Many coconut crabs are walking on the ground!?"

Ishigaki Island Unexplored Beach

Quaint scenery at low tide. It is difficult to swim in the shallow water, so let's enjoy the beautiful beach.

Ishigaki island stingray corpse

Wow, there is a stingray on the beach! ?

A ray with a width of about 50 cm was washed up on the beach. I don't know why it's dead, but it's a rare sight we don't see often in the Japanese mainland. (Well, actually I think I saw it in Tokushima Prefecture.) Birds were already flocking, so at least it will be good meals for wild animals.

Find a place in the shade of the rocks and spend your time as you please. I usually eat the lunch I brought and take pictures of the scenery. You can spend a relaxing time watching hermit crabs and blooming lilies. Occasionally I see people doing SUP (Standing board) offshore.

Ishigaki Island Drag Queen

Photo shooting can also be done without worrying about other people's eyes.

The drag queen here is Natto Maki, a member of Haus of Kinki, who is active in Osaka and Kobe. She asked me to do a photo shooting on a tropical beach, so I took her to this unexplored area.

When I do entertainment-related photoshoots in the city, there are a lot of onlookers and I can't concentrate. At this beach, it is almost impossible for anyone to see us while I'm taking photos. (I'm not a professional photographer, but I do accept interesting requests. I usually work as a glass jewelry artist or as an English interpreter for the entertainment industry.)

ishigaki island hotaru glass

I also took pictures of the hotaru glass beads which I use for my glass jewelry pieces.

To conclude the secret beach review, here is a short video of the unexplored remote beach.

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