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Ishigaki Island Recommended Beach List

Advice for those who say.

"I don't know which beach is for me!"

“Where do you recommend for snorkeling?”

"I want to go to a little-known spot where there are no people?"

I will introduce the beaches that I have actually been to. Please enjoy my honest impressions and photos which are not found on general travel guide sites.


Beach list


Yonehara Beach

644 Fukai, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0451

The end of Yonehara Beach
The end of Yonehara Beach

A beach that can be enjoyed by everyone. If you are not familiar with Ishigaki Island, you should definitely go. Coral grows in colonies in shallow water. As soon as you walk from the beach and enter the water, there are many corals and tropical fishes! The sand is fine and you can lie down comfortably. There is a large parking lot, a shop, and a restroom.

This beach is perfect for those who think it's troublesome or scary to go offshore by boat and go snorkeling. The recommended snorkeling spot is the far end part of the beach where there are large rocks. (Go left facing the ocean.)

Yonehara Beach Snorkel
Good snorkeling spots around here

A lot of coral lives in this area even near the sandy beach. There are many places with large deep pockets, and there are quite a few large fish. As long as I was snorkeling near the sand beach, I didn't get the impression that the current was fast, but there are deep places, so children need to be careful.

Officials say that there are several reef currents (rip currents), so it is better not to go too far. Adults should also enter the sea with a buddy. If you are lucky, you can see rare creatures such as Kobushime (cuttlefish) and Lionfish. Watch out for painful jellyfish in the summer.


・ Nearby tourist spots

Yoneko Pottery Studio Kimsa-kan: I bought a traditional Shisa figurine here.

Yoneko Yaki Shisa Farm: This place is a real mystery. Giant God Shisa?

Yonehara Yaeyama palm colony: A valuable endemic palm species grows in colonies. Cool under the shades in summer.

Asahi pottery talisman shisa


Blue Cave (Ao no Doukutsu)

527 Fukai, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0451

Blue Cave, Ishigaki Island
Blue Cave (photo from:

Blue Cave is located near Yonehara Beach and the Yaeyama palm colony. There is a pin for the blue cave on Google Maps, so you can easily find the location if you look it up.

There is one difficulty. There is no place that looks like a parking lot. (It's a complete mystery whether it's a public road, a private road, or a farm road.) In recent years, the development of this area has progressed and the number of buildings has increased, so I think the places where you can park will change. The roads near the coast are basically narrow and unpaved. It's about a 15 minutes walk from the Yonehara Beach parking lot, so it's better to use the Yonehara Beach parking lot. At least I do so.

There are caves named "Blue Cave" in various parts of Japan, and it is a lame name. But please go! It's mysterious and beautiful. You can go on your own, but there are tours that take you to this cave. If you have children or do not have a life jacket, please use the tours.

Blue Cave, Ishigaki Island
Blue Cave (photo from:

Blue Cave is sandwiched by two small beaches. For those who are unfamiliar with the area, it may be easier to find the beach on GoogleMap named Yadkari (hermit crab) beach. Tours seem to depart from the closer beach but I'm not sure how to get there.

Swim about 60m from hermit crab beach to the blue cave. Be especially careful when the tide and waves are high. There are many rocky areas under the water, so please go with decent snorkeling equipment.

Last time when I was there, I didn't take a waterproof camera. Next time I will try to take some nice photos.


Fusaki Beach

Arakawa, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0024

Fusaki Beach Pier
Fusaki beach sunset (photo from:

A long, straight beach with few rocky areas. In that respect, I thought it was a beach that didn't look like Ishigaki Island. It is a popular spot to watch the sunset.

With a large resort hotel and a long pier with a bell, the beach has a typical tropical resort feel. Suitable for families with children, couples. (Wedding ceremonies can be held here.) The swimming area is partitioned with nets (prevention of jellyfish), so it seems safe for kids to play in the water. From the quick look, I got the impression that there aren't many corals near the beach. There seems to be a boat tour for snorkeling.

Fusaki Beach, Ishigaki Island
Fusaki beach during the day (photo from:

・ Nearby tourist spots

Kannon Beach: If you are around here during sunset time, you might want to visit.

Ryukyu Kannonzaki Lighthouse: A small lighthouse. If you feel like taking a walk, you may climb the sidewalk.

Tojin Tomb: If you pass by by car, you may stop. Feels abandoned.


Kabira Bay

〒907-0453 Okinawa, Ishigaki, Kabira, Kabira Park

It is a beautiful sea that reminds me of Phuket, Thailand. This is Yaeyama Blue! If you come to Ishigaki Island for the first time, you definitely want to visit here.

It is popular not only for its beautiful coastline, but also for being able to board a Kabira Bay glass-bottom boat. There are souvenir shops and restaurants. Even if you don't board a glass boat, you can just enjoy the view from the observatory and stroll along the beach.

Especially at low tide, there is a wide area where you can take a walk, so be sure to explore it. You will find giant clam babies.

Actually, I was underestimating how great the glass boat was. I thought it was for people who don't snorkel or scuba dive. Please take a ride and be surprised! An amazing landscape (aquascape?) is there. If you go to Kabira Bay, be sure to ride a glass boat.

*Swimming is prohibited in the bay. Marine sports such as SUP and kayaking are also prohibited.

(It seems that you can do it if you are accompanied by a tour company guide.)

・ Nearby tourist spots

Ryukyu pearl head office and shop: where you can see expensive black pearl jewelry. I can't buy it with the balance in my account.

Blue Seal: Eating ice cream with a beautiful view is the best!


Secret Beach

24°33'00.1"N 124°17'34.3"E

ishigaki beach

Located in the northern part of Ishigaki Island, this beach is rarely visited by people. It doesn't seem to have a name. I found it on the way to Hirakubosaki Lighthouse. Every time I go to Ishigaki Island, I go to this beach.

It is quite shallow here and I can't see many corals from the beach. Rather than swimming and snorkeling, this is a beach where you can enjoy unexplored areas without people. There are no shops or restrooms. When parking on the street, please be considerate.

Okinawa Remote Island Beach Ishigaki Island

Rock walls continue and there are many private spaces. There are small caves and places with shade. It's the best place to lay down on the beach mat and eat the snacks you brought. A lot of hermit crabs are walking.

It is also a great place for photo shootings. I have taken pictures of my Osaka lampwork glass beads, Okinawa hotaru beads, and Kansai drag queens. It's a perfect place where there are no people and the background is beautiful.

・ Nearby tourist spots

Hirakubosaki Lighthouse: A must-see scenic spot. It is a superb view regardless of the time of day.


Shiraho Beach

2107-2 Shiraho, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0242

Shiraho Beach

Shiraho Beach is located between Ishigaki Airport and the center of Ishigaki City (port), so visitors to Ishigaki Island almost always pass right next to it.

blue coral
blue coral

It is famous as a colony of blue coral that looks like a collection of twigs. There are more pictures of underwater corals on the internet than pictures of the beach.

After passing through the narrow road of Shiraho village, you will find a long and narrow beach. New shower and restroom is being built, but only a few cars can be parked. It seems that it is not a popular beach for sunbathing, or people just don't come here by car.

Shiraho Beach on Ishigaki Island
Shiraho beach small dock

The sand on this beach is full of large pieces of coral and rocks, and if you sit on it, your butt may hurt. It's right next to the village, so it doesn't feel unexplored. There is a squared off area with rocks lined up in the water. Is this a swimming area for kids or something? I did some research and found out that the inside of this square is the dock. No wonder, there is one place open for boats to go out.

Shiraho Coast Monument
Shiraho Coast Mystery Monument

The spectacular scenery of Shiraho Coast is under the water, not on land. I haven't snorkeled here yet, so I'd like to get on a boat and go offshore someday.

・ Nearby place of worship

Hateruma Utaki (Asquon)(Askron)

Tahara Utaki (Taparion Tarvalon)(Talion Tarvalon)


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