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Ishigaki Island recommended sightseeing spots list

Advice for those who ask, "Where are the scenic spots on Ishigaki Island?" or "What is the best cultural experience?"

I will introduce the popular tourist sites that I have actually been to. Please enjoy my honest impressions and photos which are not found on general travel guide sites.


Ishigaki sightseeing spots list


Hirakubozaki Lighthouse

234-50 Hirakubo, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0331

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse is located at the northernmost tip of Ishigaki Island. It's a fair distance from Ishigaki Port, but if you visit various sightseeing spots along the way and make this your final destination, it won't feel that far.

From the parking lot, you walk up a slope for 50m or so, band you can see the beautiful ocean on the left. The lighthouse is not on the top of the hill, but on the shore side of the hill. For those with strong legs, please go to both the top of the hill and the lighthouse below. Each one has a different view. This place is a popular photo spot and you know why when you get here.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse

If you don't have much time and you can't decide whether to go to Hirakubosaki Lighthouse or Oganzaki, which is I'm about to introduce below, I recommend you going to Oganzaki.



Sakieda, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0452


A scenic spot worthy of being called a god's place. This is the westernmost point of Ishigaki Island.

There are two reasons why I said, "If you're wondering whether to go to Hirakubozaki or Oganzaki, I recommend Oganzaki.''

One is that this place is simply close to the center of Ishigaki. Located on the Yarabu Peninsula, about 30 minutes by car from the Ishigaki Port area.

Second, the atmosphere is divine. There is a wide area to walk around, and different kind of tropical plants grow in groups as if they were designed by someone.


・Nearby tourist spots

Kabira Bay: One of the most popular site. You can get on a glass bottom boat. Review>>>


Ishigaki Island Ibaruma Sabichi Cave

185-44 Ibaruma, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0332

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave

Caves are exciting to me. I like the mysterious feeling and the cold air. Bats are cute and some remains of past people’s lives are so intriguing.

Is Ishigaki Island hollow inside? There are many large scale limestone caves. Some caves are more than 5km long.

There are four famous limestone caves, and only this Ibaruma Sabichi cave is in a remote place. At the foot of Banna Park near Ishigaki Port, there are three caves: Yaeyama Cave, Ishigaki Cave, and Ryujin Cave.

Each of these three limestone caves has its own personality, and if you have time, you should visit all of them. However, there are areas which I felt like I'm at a 1980's game arcade since it's so messy, or no one is there to operate the facility so that some abundant places looked physically dangerous. I enjoyed all the caves including the negative points, though.

If you haven't been to any of them, I recommend the Ibaruma Sabichi Cave, the only one in Japan that connects to the sea. It's maintained and operated well. It's nice to have caves, rocky shores, and white sandy beaches all in one place.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave
After passing through Ibaruma Sabichi Cave

・Nearby tourist spots

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse: One of the best views of Ishigaki. Review>>>



Yaima Village

967-1 Nagura, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0021


"Yaima" means Yaeyama. "Yaeyama" is the name for these Okinawa remote islands including Ishigaki. Here you can enter the old houses of the Yaeyama Islands and experience the culture.

I recommend you to make a plan to visit together with Fusaki Beach and Okanzaki. Not only you can enter traditional houses of Yaeyama, but you can also see live performances and wear Ryukyu outfits. For some reason, there is a squirrel monkey hut.

okinawa flowers

Good places to visit along with Yaima Village.

Fusaki Beach: Quick walk at a tropical beach. Ishigaki Island Beaches Review>>>

Okanzaki: My personal best viewing spot in Ishigaki. Review>>>


Minsah Kogei Museum

909 Tonoshiro, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0004

Azamiya Minsah Kogei Museum

There are several workshops where you can experience Minsa weaving. Azamiya and Mineya are two of the largest workshops on Ishigaki Island. Azamiya Kobo (studio) is within walking distance from Ishigaki Port.

At the Azamiya Kobo, you can tour the Minsa Kogeikan (musium) for free, and you can also see the weaving craftsmen at work. I got the impression that Mineya has more looms for tourists.

I recommend making a reservation by the day before. The website of Azamiya says that you can choose the color of the product you make, but when I went there, there were only 3 blue almost identical patterns. (The basic color is blue, and only the accent color is different.) If you want to make other colors such as red, it is better to confirm at the time of booking. Comparing Azami-ya and Mine-ya, the atmosphere of the products at each shop were different.

The products from both workshops are beautiful, but I personally prefer Azamiya's design. Azamiya is a classic line, and Mineya is a cute line.

Azamiya Minsah Kogei Museum

Check out the review to see the experience at the Azamiya Minsah Kogei Museum.

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