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Okanzaki Review and Photos


Sakieda, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0452

Okanzaki Ishigaki Okinawa

A large rock can be seen in the sea. It looks like there is a stone on top of it unnaturally.

Okanzaki Ishigaki Okinawa

A large rock at the tip of Okanzaki. There is a crack in the bottom of the big rock, and you can see something like a small shrine there. It's very dangerous to go up there, so it's enough for us tourists to go where the path ends in the picture.

Okanzaki light house

Best to visit on a sunny day. It gets really windy on a windy day, and there's no fence.

Okanzaki Ishigaki Okinawa

Okanzaki shore

This area is not suitable for swimming because there are many rocky areas instead of sandy beaches. It's a popular diving spot where you can see fish such as manta rays and Pyramid butterflyfish if you go a little offshore by boats.


Okanzaki Ishigaki beach

This particular shore is neither a sandy beach nor a coral reef. Looks flat and interesting.

Okanzaki Ishigaki Coconut crab

When I visited on a windy day due to a typhoon, I was lucky enough to find a wild coconut crab. In some regions, coconut crabs are considered sacred. It was huge and a little grotesque. At this time, I was staying in Ishigaki Island for a long time, and I brought my mother here who was joining me for a few nights.

I think there are Tarzans in the world who think, "Get super rare ingredients!" But amateurs like us should just watch it from distance. (It's a natural monument anyway, and eating wild coconut crabs can easily lead to food poisoning.) By the way, my mother doesn't understand the fighting power of wildlife, so she tried to touch it. (I screamed to stop her.) You can easily lose a finger. If you get pinched, the damage is the same as if someone with a grip strength of 30 kg or more is trying to cut your finger with pliers.

A coconut crab is a giant hermit crab. (I didn't know.) They only carries shells on their back when they are small.

Okanzaki Fuchibui rock Sister head

This unnaturally placed rock is called Fuchibui rock. It is said that it appears in local folklore and is also called "the big sister's head stone". It sounds scary, so I decided not to investigate further.

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