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Hirakubozaki Lighthouse Review and Photos


234-50 Hirakubo, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0331

The Hirakubosaki Lighthouse is located at the northernmost tip of Ishigaki Island.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse

A view from the top of a small hill overlooking the lighthouse. You can enjoy a 360-degree view which panoramic photo can't even cover. It's a famous spot, but it's also good that there aren't many people since large bus groups tend to avoid here due to the small parking space.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse parking

When you walk up from the parking lot, you can see the beautiful Yaeyama blue sea on your right. Seasonal flowers such as lilies are blooming on the rocks. Sometimes there is an ice cream car in the parking lot.

Ishigaki Hirano Beach

The beach you can see from here is called Hirano Beach. There is a parking lot on the map, so I assume it's possible to go there by car. As far as I can see from this observation spot, almost no one is there. If you're looking for a private beach, go for it. I want to go someday. If I do I will report with photos.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse

It's nice to have a signboard that looks like this. I hope no one replace this with a big tombstone looking no taste one.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse sightseeing tourist

Well, smoke and men like high places. This is the highest point on this hill. Be careful when the wind is strong.

Hirakubozaki Lighthouse sunset

It's also a popular sunset spot. It's a good idea to come here at the end of the day. However, it’s better to go back to Ishigaki City before it gets too dark.

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