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Forest Green Hotaru Glass Beads, the meaning and effect. (Forest Firefly Ball)

What is Hotaru glass? For those who are wondering, please read "What is Hotaru Glass and Hotaru Beads? All the answers."

Forest green Hotaru beads make us think of the rainforest in the same way that blue beads make us think of the sea.

Unlike emerald green beads like a tide pool, this is a very powerful dark green like tropical trees.

It's rare to see this color at the gift shops in Okinawa. The official name for this bead color is actually unknown.

I think forest green or mangrove green would be a good name.

When I saw these Hotaru beads for the first time, I thought they looked like beautiful mangrove trees.

Hotaru beads are handmade crafts of glass artist. Therefore, unlike natural stones, which are generally called power stones, it is believed to have multiple meanings and effects.

●The meaning and effect of Forest Green color itself

Psychological research on color has been conducted all over the world for a long time. Forest green color symbolizes health, harmony and growth.

●The meaning and effect of silver

Hotaru beads contain silver to reflect light. Since ancient times, silver has been used as an item to ward off evil spirits.

●The meaning and effect of Tonbo beads (Dragonfly balls)

Hotaru beads are a type of Tonbo beads, made by glass artists by melting glass with flames. Therefore, it has been believed to give creativity, vitality and possibility. In addition, since ancient times, it has been believed that glass itself has the effect of warding off evil spirits, and has been used as a talisman.

Dark green is the color of the vibrant tropical rainforest. I am convinced to hear that there is a meaning of health and growth.

The mangrove forests that grow thickly along the waterfronts of Okinawa and remote islands make us feel the strength of nature and life.

In fact, there is no tree named "mangrove", but various types of trees which are resistant to salt are collectively called mangroves. I strongly suggest you visit the remote islands of Okinawa and participate in the mangrove canoe tour.

You can see that various trees are mixed and mangroves are formed. Someday, when the Barringtonia flowers bloom all at once, I would love to visit Iriomote Island mangroves by kayak or SUP.

For other meanings and effects of Hotaru glass, please click the picture below.

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