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Blue Hotaru Glass Beads, the meaning and effect. (Blue Firefly Ball)

What is Hotaru glass? For those who are wondering, please read "What is Hotaru Glass and Hotaru Beads? All the answers."

The Hotaru beads which the owner artist Takashi met for the first time is this midnight blue. In the old days, the silver surfaces were smaller and had more spotted feel to them. Because of that, older beads used to have smaller gentle reflections. That's why these were named Hotaru dama. (Firefly ball bead)

Midnight Blue is the most popular Hotaru glass beads.

You are very keen if you think, "What? Midnight Blue? not Deep Sea Blue?". Yes, this color is midnight blue. Hotaru glass is popular in Okinawa, so you may think that it is deep sea blue after the ocean. However, Hotaru beads were created in the image of fireflies flying in the dark, hence the name Midnight Blue.

Hotaru beads are handmade crafts of glass artist. Therefore, unlike natural stones, which are generally called power stones, it is believed to have multiple meanings and effects.

●The meaning and effect of blue color itself

Psychological research on color has been conducted all over the world for a long time. The deep blue color symbolizes calmness, strength, and confidence.

●The meaning and effect of silver

Hotaru beads contain silver to reflect light. Since ancient times, silver has been used as an item to ward off evil spirits.

●The meaning and effect of Tonbo beads (Dragonfly balls)

Hotaru beads are a type of Tonbo beads, made by glass artists by melting glass with flames. Therefore, it has been believed to give creativity, vitality and possibility. In addition, since ancient times, it has been believed that glass itself has the effect of warding off evil spirits, and has been used as a talisman.

This midnight blue is popular not only with women but also with men. It has long been said that looking at the color blue makes you feel calm. It's a color that everyone likes and it's easy to give as a gift. Like a dark blue necktie, the blue Hotaru bead gives a sincere impression.

When visiting tropical resorts such as Okinawa, I can understand the feeling of wanting accessories in this color. Sometimes it's hard to find what you want while traveling, or you don't have time to look for it. Whether you buy what you like online before you go on a trip, or take time and choose after you return home, it's up to you.

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For other meanings and effects of Hotaru glass, please click the picture below.

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