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Sky Blue Hotaru Glass Beads, the meaning and effect. (Sky Blue Firefly Ball)

What is Hotaru glass? For those who are wondering, please read "What is Hotaru Glass and Hotaru Beads? All the answers."

Different from the popular deep blue Hotaru bead, it has a very bright and refreshing impression. It looks like glittering waves, a clear blue sky, or blue Hawaiian shaved ice.

The owner artist Takashi personally prefers this sky blue to midnight blue. The sparkling look during the daytime is gorgeous, and I like the special feeling that not so many people own this color.

Hotaru beads are handmade crafts of glass artist. Therefore, unlike natural stones, which are generally called power stones, it is believed to have multiple meanings and effects.

●The meaning and effect of Sky Blue color itself

Psychological research on color has been conducted all over the world for a long time. The sky blue color symbolizes independence, truthfulness, and calmness.

●The meaning and effect of silver

Hotaru beads contain silver to reflect light. Since ancient times, silver has been used as an item to ward off evil spirits.

●The meaning and effect of Tonbo beads (Dragonfly balls)

Hotaru beads are a type of Tonbo beads, made by glass artists by melting glass with flames. Therefore, it has been believed to give creativity, vitality and possibility. In addition, since ancient times, it has been believed that glass itself has the effect of warding off evil spirits, and has been used as a talisman.

Sky blue, like midnight blue, is in the blue color category. The well-known meanings of the blue color include calmness and sincerity. This is the reason why major SNS and financial institutions all use light blue for their logos and image colors.

In addition, sky blue has meanings such as independence and liberation. Hotaru glass is perfect for active people who go surfing or climbing.

For other meanings and effects of Hotaru glass, please click the picture below.

You can purchase from the link to the online shop below.

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