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Ibaruma Sabichi Cave Review and Photos


185-44 Ibaruma, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0332

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave is located in the northern part of Ishigaki Island. I recommend stopping by on your way to Hirakubosaki, the northernmost point, or on your way back.

You can already see hanging stalactites from the entrance. Full of mysterious atmosphere.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave ceramics pottery

There are many large pottery jars. It must have been stuffed with various ingredients and stored in a cool limestone cave.

Yaeyama and Kogachi pottery ware

The signboard is listing two kinds of pottery wares. One is called Kogachi ware which was used to store salted pork, soy source and liqueur. I wonder how long can salted pork be stored.

Another one is called Yaeyama ware began in the Edo period in 1742. Does it mean Kogachi ware is the older Ryukyu Kingdom era pottery? Timeline is unclear but I assume so. (Ryukyu Kingdom was taken over by Japan in 1872.)

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave

The erosion of limestone progresses and it turns into splendid stalactites, creating three-dimensional walls. Bat droppings are piled up in the cracks here and there.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave outside

After passing through the cave, you can walk along the rocky area along the intricate coastline.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave beach

Rocky cliffs on one side and beautiful beaches on the other. I feel like time is going a little slower. There is only the sound of waves.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave ocean

I think it was close to high tide at this time. When the tide is high and the wind is strong, there are times when you can't go to the beach.

be aware of hubu

For some reason, I often see pictures of this poster on the internet, so I post mine too. Habu (hub?) is a poison snake often seen in Okinawa.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave coral fossil

There are many layers of rocks that are made by stacked up ancient coral reefs. If you look closely (well actually, even if you don't pay attention), you will see many large coral fossils. Occasionally, there are fossils of giant clams and other bivalves.

Ibaruma Sabichi Cave beach

The rocky path from the cave exit leads to the sandy beach, so I took a walk to the very end. There is a place which looks like a rock with a window. Maybe you can take cool pictures.

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