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Kabira Bay Ishigaki Review and Photos


Location: 907-0453 Okinawa, Ishigaki, Kabira, Kabira Park

Kabira Bay Photo Gallery

I'll update the gallery when I visit the bay again!

Kabira Park Observation Deck

This is the view from the Kabira Park Observation Deck. In addition to the view from the beach, be sure to go to the observation deck just up the hill. It feels good.

Kabira Kannondou in Ishigaki

Kabira Kannon-do is on the left side on the way down to the beach. Please feel free to visit and pray for safe travels. This is a sacred place, so please be respectful. You are not supposed to sit around or walk around the shrine.

Kabira bay glass boats

Kabira Beach at slightly full tide. A number of glass bottom boats are anchored here. There are 3 boat tour companies.

Kabira bay marine house gurukun boat

When you see the boats anchored like this, you will feel like getting on it. I think this boat belongs to Marine House Gurukun. (Gurukun is a kind of fish which is common in this region.)

Kabira bay in low tide

This is what it looks like when the tide is low. You can take better photos during high tide with Emerald green water, but you can walk around and explore a wide area during low tide.

Kabira beach in low tide

The color of the sea looks different at low tide. The green in the shallow water is less, and it looks more blue.

kabira beach low tide

You can walk to these small islands which are inaccessible during high tide.

ishigaki island in Okinawa

You will enjoy exploring what kind of creatures live among the rocks on the beach and small islands. I see lilies often bloom in the rocky areas.

kabira bay giant clams

I was able to observe a number of young giant clams on the beach near the small islands. I didn't know that the inside of the giant clams are colorful like this. From the glass boat, you can see much larger giant clams on the seabed.

Ryukyu Pearl head office

The Ryukyu Pearl Head Office is located at the back of the observation deck. You can purchase rare luxurious black pearl jewelry. (if you are rich.) You can see aquaculture cages growing black pearl oysters floating in the bay. There is also a cafe attached to the pearl shop, it's a good place to relax.

kabira bay blue seal ice cream

Let's eat blue seal ice cream while admiring the superb view recommended by the Michelin Guide. Where to eat without eating here! ? Of course, the flavor I always pick is the purple sweet potato.

foreign tourist in Ishigaki Kabira bay

It seems that my travel buddy from the UK has never been to a tropical beach before. He is dazed by the movie-like scenery.

inside the kabira beach tour boat

Board the glass boat and wait for departure. We haven't even left yet, but I can already see lots of fish swimming under the boat!

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