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Kabira bay glass boats tour review. Photos and Videos.


Location: 926-5 Kabira, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0453

This is a review from when I boarded the glass boat tour at Kabira bay in Ishigaki Island.

I have been on this glass boat twice on this bay. I'm happy to be able to see so much coral and fish at such a low price. Whenever I come to this bay, unless the weather is bad, I plan to go on board every time.

Kabira bay gurukun boat
Marine House Gurukun 18

I noticed something while looking at some boats on the beach. Depending on the ship, there are ships with a single large piece of glass on the bottom, and ships with grid-like metal frames over the glass. I didn't know anything about it when I first got on board, but luckily it was a single glass bottom ship.

When I went there for the second time, I asked the ticket sales office staff. I said, "I'd like to take a boat with a glass bottom," and they told me which ship to take.

It seems that there are only a few ships with a single glass bottom. New ships usually have a grid frame, they say. Rare single glass bottm ships are probably smaller older ships. I don't know when these will retire, so I'm glad I got to ride it.

Ishigaki Kabira bay boat and fishes

Both children and adults can't stop being excited when we board the ship. If you are interested in taking photos or videos, you should ask if there is a single glass bottom boat in operation.

Here is the video of the glass boat tour. I edited the video to about 4 minutes from the tour start to finish.

The group of coral that looks like a group of potatoes is a very rare kind, and it seems that it has been growing here for thousands of years.

The large glossy fishes which like to swim around below the boat are very dynamic!

Kabira bay under water fishes
Kabira bay  giant clams

These big ones are all giant clams. They are so big. I didn't know that giant clams are such gregarious creatures.



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